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FMA: Florida Messenger Association

About the FMA

The FMA was originally formed in 1989 to help promote and enhance the image of the Messenger and Courier industry in Florida.

Additionally, our purpose is to build an association of companies to work collectively to make a positive impact on industry business conditions in Florida and beyond.


The Association holds meetings for members and industry service providers on a quarterly basis in different cities throughout Florida. With a growing number of courier companies and affiliate members, the association is rapidly expanding its membership network. The purpose of the FMA is to provide pro-active information and leadership on business and regulatory issues affecting messenger and courier companies in the state of Florida. The Association also provides its members with opportunities, through its affiliate vendor members, to learn about new industry trends, services and products that can help companies expand and prosper.

The FMA maintains a directory of courier company member profiles to assist individuals and businesses locate courier service providers throughout the state of Florida – with search by company name (A-Z) , search by city, and search by airport code options.