Why Join the FMA - Why Join FMA - Florida Messenger Association

Join the Florida Messenger Association to receive exclusive benefits.

If you are a Florida-based courier, delivery, transportation, or logistics company or you have a business that provides services relevant to the transportation industry,  join the FMA today! Members receive valuable benefits such as:

Government representation

The FMA provides regular updates on legislative action that may directly or indirectly affect the transportation industry. It also acts as a platform for communication between members and their government representatives. The Government Affairs Committee works directly with government and regulatory agencies to ensure that the interests of the membership are considered. The FMA closely monitors all issues that affect its members, including issues relating to independent contractors, OSHA regulations, tax issues, and more.

Active listing in members’ directory

The FMA maintains a current online directory of member profiles to assist individuals and businesses wishing to locate courier and delivery service providers throughout the state of Florida. Inclusion in the directory will provide your company with increased exposure to your targeted customers. The directory is searchable by company name (A-Z), by city, and by airport codes.


In an effort to help its members grow and improve their businesses, the FMA offers multiple opportunities for networking and collaborating. Conferences and meet-ups across Florida in cities such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville enable courier, delivery, and transportation company owners to gather together and discuss topics and issues of mutual concerns and benefits.

Conferences, seminars, and workshops

In addition to networking opportunities, the FMA’s many meetings throughout the year provide an excellent way for business owners to grow and improve their companies. The annual conference, held in a different city each year, is an awesome opportunity for delivery and transportation company owners and their employees to relax and socialize as well as hear nationally recognized business experts. The meetings also include roundtable discussions and vendor networking opportunities.

Additionally, the FMA offers frequent workshops, such as Lunch and Learn meetings and Listen and Learn conference calls, where members can conveniently receive valuable education and resources without taking too much time away from their busy schedules. These events take place in major cities across Florida, including Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville.

Delinquent accounts list

FMA members receive access to a delinquent accounts list, which provides information on the companies that failed to pay bills to any of our members’ companies. This list is frequently updated and an excellent way to check the credit of a prospective customer.

Opportunities for leadership

The FMA offers several ways to participate at a leadership level. The association elects a board of directors each year to serve on its behalf. The board appoints officers, including a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Members also form committees to carry out business and interests of the association, such as membership development and government affairs.