Delinquent Accounts Registry - Florida Messenger Association


You must be an active courier company member and log in to view the delinquent accounts Master List.

Our delinquent accounts list provides FMA courier company members with information on companies that failed to pay messenger/courier bills to one or more of our members. Use this list to check out the status of a potential customer.

  • For the delinquent list to have value for your fellow members, please update your company’s delinquent list postings every 30 days to provide up-to-date information on the status of these accounts.
  • All listings from courier company members will be combined on one Master List which will show all delinquent accounts listed alphabetically with the date of posting on the FMA website, name of Courier Company submitting, and status of the account. If more than one Courier Company submits the same delinquent account, each will be listed separately.
  • Log into your company’s member account to access the formatted Excel spreadsheet which allows you to upload multiple listings. Upload your completed Delinquent list through your online account. Information required: Name of Delinquent Company and status of account (i.e. 90 days past due).
  • When you upload a new list of delinquent accounts and their status – all your previous submissions will automatically be deleted from the Master List.