FMA President's Letter - January 2012 - Florida Messenger Association

FMA President’s Letter – January 2012

It Was a Very Good Year Positive Momentum in 2011 Positions FMA for 2012

As my first President’s message, I would like to start by wishing all of you a happy and prosperous New Year! Thank you to our immediate past President, Larry Schwartz of Baron Messenger Service, for his service over the past several years. Larry’s dedication and efforts have propelled us to a level which none of us could have imagined. It is my earnest desire to build upon the work he has done. I am honored to now serve as the leader of the Florida Messenger Association. We have completed another very successful year, and we look forward to a continued bright future. Here is a brief overview of what we accomplished under Larry’s leadership…

We Started the Year Off Strong With Our Best Annual Meeting to Date

The two‐day event was held in Orlando, Florida, and attended by over 100 people, representing more han 70 member companies, and more than 30 vendors and guests. The agenda began on Thursday aternoon with a tour of Air Traffic Services, Inc. (ATS). Lance Dearborn, President of ATS, conducted an in‐depth tour of his impressive new 60,000 square foot facility. The attendees regrouped for the vening festivities which included a reception and dinner. State of Florida Senator D. Alan Hayes (R‐20) rovided an outlook on the business climate in Florida, as well as cost‐cutting initiatives at the state evel. He also provided insight to the audience regarding the importance of getting to know their egislators at both the state and national levels. Our generous sponsors provided so many door prizes, nearly everyone won something to take home.

We Had a Very Successful Federal Lobby Day In March

Twelve members of the FMA (up from four in 2010) returned to Washington, D.C. for the annual Government Affairs Day conducted by the Messenger Courier Association of the Americas (MCAA). After meeting with lawmakers and their representatives from eight offices in 2010, the Florida delegation set their sights on securing appointments with every Florida member’s office. Mission accomplished. During the daylong visit, members of the FMA met personally with Representatives Ander Crenshaw (R ‐4), Kathy Castor (D‐11), Richard Nugent (R‐5), Frederica Wilson (D‐17), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D‐20), Alcee Hastings (D‐23), and Senator Bill Nelson. Additional meetings were held with staff of each of the remaining representatives and senator. All 27 offices for Florida were visited.

A Successful State Lobby Day Occurred in April

Knowing firsthand how important it is to keep close contact with members of Congress in Washington, we reaffirmed our commitment to keeping state delegates aware of the FMA, as well. During the two day visit in Tallahassee, members of the FMA met personally with nearly a dozen state representatives and senators, as well as conducted visits with the staff of many other offices. These visits paid dividends when legislation was introduced which impacted our industry. We were able to proactively address this legislation. We made sure our legislators understood the impact for our businesses.

Looking Ahead to Another Great Year

Our winter meeting will be held on January 26 th and 27th in Orlando. We would be honored if you would join us. Our association is vital to the health of our industry. By joining together, we protect our collective interests. When I attended my first meeting, it felt a little strange to be talking to my competition, however, I quickly realized that I had so much in common with other courier company owners. These are the rare, few individuals with daily experiences similar to mine. This is an extraordinary opportunity for you tomeet and visit with so many other courier company owners in one place at one time.

The FMA meeting provides more than just networking opportunities. You will find potential customers in other members. When other courier companies need help in your part of the state, they are much more likely to call someone they know, like you, rather than just searching for any agent they can find. You will also have the opportunity to meet with dozens of vendors who can provide you with technology, services, and products which provide value. These are the best‐in‐breed vendors for our ndustry. The agenda has a couple of sessions where government officials will offer their insight on ndustry, and small business in general. We also have Rick McClelland speaking. Mr. McClelland is the ormer CEO of Dynamex, one of the largest companies in our industry. He was able to grow his cmpany to a North American powerhouse with more than $400 million in annual revenues. I am looking forward to the ideas he will give me on how to run and grow my business. Lastly, the meeting will have educational value for everyone, and each company represented will benefit from the information shared. We only conduct a meeting like this one time a year, and it would be great if you could join us.

We are a very inclusive group of people and we are focused on the health of our industry. Our association has gained significant momentum over the past two years, and we would like for all courier companies in Florida to join us. If you would like more information regarding the meeting, please see our website at or, you can contact me at, and I will send more information to you. I look forward to our association accomplishing great things in 2012.

Harold N. Boyett
President, Florida Messenger Association