FMA Unveils New Logo - Florida Messenger Association

FMA Unveils New Logo

The Florida Messenger Association (FMA) is excited to unveil its new logo. FMA board member Thomas Jowers led the charge to create a new logo that would be representative of the association’s progression towards development and growth. Chosen from a field of worthy contenders, the logo, with its vivid colors that shift from dark to light, symbolizes the bright future of both the association and the same-day delivery industry in Florida.

As FMA members work together, they will find ways to improve how business is conducted throughout the state, making each company more profitable for owners and independent contractors alike. All industry partners who do business in the State of Florida are encouraged to take an active role in advancing the objectives of the association and contributing to its bright future!

The mission of the FMA is to improve and advance the common business interests of couriers, messengers and transportation providers throughout the State of Florida for the benefit of the public need for such services.