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Dispatch Science
Street Address
7250 Mile End Street
Montreal, QC,QC-
(514) 907-4520
Company Summary
Dispatch Science is a cloud-based delivery management solution for couriers, shippers, and parcel delivery businesses to manage their delivery operations. Its Artificial Intelligence platform and cutting-edge algorithms help companies plan, execute, and fulfill their service, delivery, and dispatch operations while automatically determining optimal order assignments and routes. The automated dispatch engine handles many tasks for your dispatchers so they can manage by exception. It takes the guesswork out of making informed decisions to let dispatchers focus on more complex tasks and offer your customers a stellar service. The Driver app features a mobile-first design that makes it sleek, intuitive, and easy to use. It offers real-time notifications and all the information drivers need for making their pick-ups and deliveries in the most efficient way. It includes their optimized stop list, turn-by-turn directions, and any special instructions. The app also includes features for capturing proofs of delivery, electronic signatures, processing payments, barcode scanning and much more. The Customer Portal is the source for price quotes, placing new orders, track existing deliveries, view invoices, and personalized reports off your own website. The Client App can be branded with your logo and colors. It offers immediate cost estimates based on your pre-established rates and service zones. Seamless billing to credit cards and geocoding provide real-time tracking information. It truly makes it the Uber for deliveries, with your business at the core. Comprehensive dashboards and reports provide you with the tools for proactive decision making and visibility into your business performance. Visit