FMA hosts Lunch and Learn events in Orlando and Miami - Florida Messenger Association

FMA hosts Lunch and Learn events in Orlando and Miami

Messenger and courier business owners attend luncheon that offers educational and networking opportunity

Miami (October 27, 2014) – The Florida Messenger Association (FMA) presented its summer Lunch and Learn series in Orlando and Miami on August 20, 2014, and August 28, 2014, respectively. The Lunch and Learn event is an opportunity for businesses in the messenger and courier industry to come together for valuable education and networking experiences.

The theme for this year’s series was “Focus on IC Compliance.”  Shannon Armstrong, with the Association for Delivery Drivers, gave a presentation on “Keeping IC’s Independent” and answered questions regarding IC Compliance. Henry Dixon, with Datatrac, presented a new tool called IPD Mobile. It is a mobile network of Independent Professional Drivers that Datatrac has developed that will allow IC’s to offer their services to multiple clients to help strengthen the IC model.

Other objectives of the meeting included:

  • Networking
  • Sharing best practices regarding the IC business model
  • Encouraging involvement in the FMA and Customized Delivery and Logistics Association (CLDA) by recruiting new members to join the FMA
  • Vendor(s) educating and informing attendees on aspects of properly using independent contractors
  • The Lunch and Learn meetings were led by FMA President Thomas Jowers off ADL Delivery and sponsored by Datatrac. The FMA presents the Lunch and Learn series every summer throughout the state of Florida.