Record Attendance at FMA Lunch and Learn in Jacksonville - Florida Messenger Association

Record Attendance at FMA Lunch and Learn in Jacksonville

The Florida Messenger Association’s (FMA) regional Lunch and Learn series recently conducted its summer meeting in Jacksonville, FL July 28. The meeting was brought to order by FMA President Thomas Jowers of ADL Delivery and was attended by a record-setting group of 30 attendees. Tom opened by stating the meeting’s primary focus would be on proper utilization of independent contractors within the same-day delivery industry while some additional topics would be covered:

  • Networking
  • Sharing best practices regarding the IC business model
  • Encouraging involvement in both the FMA and Customized Delivery and Logistics Association
  • Vendor(s) educating and informing attendees on aspects of properly using independent contractors

After establishing the parameters of the meeting, Tom introduced Dan Schut of Double Time Transit, who not only discussed the importance of association membership to potential members but also encouraged current members to aid and assist with recruiting efforts.

Following Dan was the keynote speaker, Henry Dixon of DataTrac, who shared a new technology platform – – designed to enable contractors to work for many different courier companies simultaneously. This not only reinforces the fact contractors truly are independent but allows delivery companies to access more drivers whenever they need them, thus improving efficiency.

Following Henry’s presentation, the meeting continued with its focus on education with Shannon Armstrong of the Association for Delivery Drivers presenting various ways independent contractors can contract with multiple courier companies. Specifically, she touched on the importance of supporting the independence of the contract driver, making sure they are free of direction and control, as well as many other aspects of the work they accept from courier companies.

This meeting was a great example of how business owners – that compete against other on a daily basis – can come together for the sake of their industry, become informed on current issues, and share ideas on how to best protect the independent contractor model.

July’s gathering, the first in a series of four scheduled to occur throughout Florida in late summer, was sponsored by Brightstone Insurance. The FMA appreciates the support of its vendors, especially Jeff Ice, managing director of Brightstone Insurance Services, LLC.

Attendees included Tom Jowers, Brian Sinquefield and Gareth Richards, ADL Delivery; Brian Davis, Double Time Transit, Inc,; John Ellison, Stealth Courier Services; Steve Armitage and Bryan Bilchik, MANKO Delivery Systems, Inc.; Tim Petty (immediate past president of the FMA), Megan Carney, and Sylvia Mencner of Pettyco Express; Chris Ebrahimoff and Terry Forgie, Budget Truck; Kim Blinn, Kyle Stewart, and Harold Boyett, Blue Streak Couriers; Kristen Scarborough, Fast Lane Express; Walker Allen and Dan Dipiero, Specialty Freight and Courier; Kelly Wilson, Community Couriers; Steve Lukenbach and Chris Flowers, Priority Couriers; John Dickerson, Dynamex; Favina Paris, B&B Expert Courier Service; Steve Wright, Air Van; Shannon Armstrong, The Association for Delivery Drivers; Matt McLaughlin and Scott Callen, Adams & Reese; and Henry Dixon and Ryan Dixon, Datatrac.