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      Tom Guthrie

      My company Mail Station Courier out of Naples has recently been notified that the Florida Department of Revenue will be conducting a Reemployment Tax Audit for the 2016 tax year. For those unfamiliar with the Statute it is 443 Reemployment Assistance. More specifically Section 443.1216 Paragraph 13 Section exempts an individual working for remuneration for a private, for profit delivery or messenger service under an independent contactor relationship.

      However, your salaried employees are not exempt. In discussion with the Revenue Agent the request for information and company documents was quite broad and encompassing including many reports or schedules not relevant to the reemployment audit. In the request were schedules such as a complete copy of the general ledger, all general journals, all petty cash records, a complete copy of the cash disbursement ledger, all invoices, all cancelled checks for the entire year. We have since narrowed the request to specific document related to tax and determination of compliance.

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